7 reasons to use a metal roofing machine

- Jun 25, 2019-

Roof rolling machines can produce a variety of steel roofs and wall panels. This is a new type of building material that is widely used in factories, warehouses, garages, stadiums, exhibition centers, cinemas, theaters and other roofs and walls.

7 metal tiles make you love it:

1. Shape, color, rich colors, various colors and tile types to choose from;

2. The fire rating is Class A and does not burn;

705 glazed roof machine det

3. Light weight, which can minimize the weight of the building;

4. 100% recyclable, not harmful to the natural environment;

5. Can resist cold, violence, earthquake, heavy rain, hail, fire, etc.;

6. Wind speeds up to 120 mph (hours per unit);

7. The building structure is not high, easy to design and construction (no break, shrink or curl), and can adapt to various roofs.