A metal roof is no longer the corrugated galvanized iron most peoples could see from the old industrial buildings.

- Dec 29, 2020-

Metal roof in this era is sleek, comes with cutting edge fixing feature, cool and hip.

Metal or aluminum roofing sheet, each sheet is either 35 or 50 Cm wide ( 17”-20”) with 6.0 meters ( 20’ ) which makes it faster to install. A roof leak problem is definitely less than metal shingles although both systems need to place on roof decking / substrate.

Want High-quality metal roof tiles? You need high-quality raw materials and high-precision forming machines. Haixing Industrial Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 and is located in Hebei District, Tianjin. It is a professional cold forming machine manufacturer and exporter with over 20 years of experience. Our products include roof roll forming machines, Leveling and shearing machines, decoilers, c&z purlin roll forming machines, slitting lines, Light steel keel roll forming machines and other associated equipment.

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