Brief description of the working process of Ceiling T Bar Grids Forming Machine

- Sep 10, 2019-

The Ceiling T Bar Grids Forming Machine is a new type of equipment for tunnel support steel arch processing. It consists of six parts: base, mechanical transmission, cold bending system, hydraulic system, electrical control system and auxiliary system.

When the keel forming machine is working, the required processing steel is pushed between the two active rollers by the auxiliary system door bracket, and the hydraulic system is started to make the hydraulic cylinder push the dovetail groove and the cold bending roller cold-pressed steel until the design is reached.

When the required arc is used to close the hydraulic system, the keel forming machine electric chain hoist activates the mechanical transmission system, so that the active roller rotates and relies on friction to drive the steel to move smoothly and slowly, thereby achieving continuous operation.

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