Dubai International Aluminum Exhibition

- Aug 05, 2019-

Exhibition time: 

September 24-26, 2019


Asia - Dubai

Exhibition industry: 

Building materials

ALUMINIUM EXPO is the industry leading exhibition of aluminum products and related technologies and investments in aluminum industry. Launched in 2009, Dubai Aluminum International Exhibition brings together international industry leaders, including raw material producers, manufacturers, processors and aluminum components, as well as suppliers and suppliers of aluminum production, processing and refining. .

Exhibition criteria

1. Aluminum products and technology: architectural aluminum profiles, radiator aluminum profiles, general industrial aluminum profiles, rail vehicle structural aluminum profiles, armored aluminum profiles; aluminized film technology, aluminum-plastic separation technology;

2, factory machinery: aluminum cutting machine, aluminum equipment line clamp, insulation profile equipment, painting equipment and other machinery, parts;

3, aluminum extraction equipment: aluminum ash equipment, aluminum ash ball mill, drum screen, vibrating screen, fly ash machine, pulse bag filter and other equipment extraction, processing and refining;

4. Extrusion profiles: pipes, solid bars, profiles, etc.;

5. Raw materials, semi-finished products: working materials, supply materials, auxiliary materials, aluminum semi-finished products, semi-synthetic products, primary metal products, etc.;

6, surface treatment: frosted fabric treatment of aluminum profiles, multi-tone surface treatment of aluminum profiles, electrophoretic painting treatment of aluminum powder electrostatic spray treatment of aluminum profiles, plasma enhanced electrochemical surface ceramic treatment of aluminum profiles;

7. Other: services and consulting, information and education;