function features of unwinding machine

- Jan 15, 2019-

The unwinding machine is arranged at the front end of the inlet part of the unit, which corresponds to №1 and №2 steel coil trolley respectively. One of the functions of the unwinding machine of the unit is to carry on the unwinding under the tension of maintaining the strip, and another remarkable effect is that the automatic alignment of the strip can be realized under its central control (CPC). The conventional continuous return, color coating unit configuration has 2 unwinding machine, because the two unwinding machine alternating unwinding, for the unit follow-up equipment to create a prerequisite for continuous production. The shear line is equipped with an unwinding machine.

The strip tension of the inlet section is established jointly by the № 1 Tension Roller Group of the Unwinding Machine and the unit. Unwinding machine body for the welded box structure, variable frequency speed motor through the gearbox deceleration drive reel shaft for the unwinding machine to provide the main power. The reel of the unwinding machine is a hollow shaft, which is supported by two bearings on the gear box, and a drive straight gear is installed between the bearings. The gearbox is lubricated in the form of forced lubrication and is equipped with two constant speed motors for the closed-loop oil lubrication system.

The core shaft is a cantilever structure, and its front end is supported by external support bearing at the time of unwinding to maintain the stiffness and stability of the unwinding machine. The unwinding movement shaft is connected with four fan plates through a sloping swallowtail groove on four end surfaces, each of which prevents axial movement through a radial slide at the tail end, but can be shrunk along the radial direction. At the end of the reel shaft is connected with a rotary cylinder, the cylinder piston rod drives the front-end four-prism axial sliding through the pull rod in the center of the reel Shaft, thus driving the radial shrinkage of the fan plate. The reel can be added to the nominal diameter by an additional four-block fan plate. The unwinding machine rack can be moved on the guide rail of the chassis, driven by a hydraulic cylinder, which can realize the central position control. In order to enhance the stability of the reel, a support arm device is designed in the reel head, when there is a steel coil on the reel, the support arm is driven by the cylinder, holding the reel head, usually the support arm retracted, will not affect the steel coil winding.