How to care for metal roofs

- Mar 22, 2019-

Metal roofing is a very durable building material, and proper maintenance ensures longer material life and ensures no leakage for many years to come.

Avoid standing on the roof. A metal surface is thinner and does not support as much weight as a wooden one.

Sweep, blow off or pick up any debris that may have gathered on the roof surface, such as leaves and branches. Pay attention to gutters and drains.

Make sure that the two different metals in the roof do not touch each other - when you encounter this situation.

Tighten loose screws or replace any that have been dislodged. Your replacements must be of the same material as the roof.

Check the sealant at the seams and edges. Repair any worn or missing paint to prevent rust.

Repair any separated seams or holes.

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