international ground wall material, paving and design exhibition

- Nov 15, 2019-

SURFACES CHINA will be held in Shanghai, China in December 2019.

This exhibition is the international ground wall material, paving and design exhibition in Shanghai, China.

The main exhibit categories are as follows:

1. Tiles: tiles, mosaics, paving materials, tile edge profiles, paving, mechanical equipment and tools;

2, stone (blocks and indoor panels): granite, marble, stone stairs, wall, and floor stone bricks, skirting board;

3, floor finished products and production equipment, technology: solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring, laminate flooring, heavy bamboo flooring, bamboo composite flooring, cork flooring, geothermal flooring, production equipment, production accessories, technology;

4, carpets: handmade carpets, woven carpets, tufted carpets, carpet tiles, printed carpets, natural materials carpets, floor mats (bathroom mats, doormats), non-woven production machinery design software, cleaning and maintenance equipment;

5. Elastic floor materials: PVC floor, rubber floor, wood plastic floor, anti-static floor and accessories;

6, wall materials: integrated wall decoration, integrated sheet, wall material, sound-absorbing panels, wooden doors, wallpaper, ceiling (mineral wool board, gypsum board, wood board, plastic steel plate, aluminum plate);

7, paving and maintenance: geothermal system, cleaning and maintenance tools and equipment, cleaning chemicals, floor wax, installation tools, floor liners, floor glue, skirting, wood, floor locks, floor display, floor testing and Certification;

8, ground wall design, technology categories: design software, pattern authorization, training services, digital printing, laser cutting, testing equipment.