Iran's prestigious international building materials event!

- Jul 02, 2019-

Iranian Tehran Building Materials Exhibition IRAN CONFAIR is hosted by Iran's famous ICCC International Exhibition Company. It is a prestigious international building materials event in Iran. It is also a must-attend exhibition for many companies from all over the world to explore the Iranian market.

Exhibition criteria

1. Building materials: all kinds of stone and stone tools, various types of materials, decorative materials, insulating materials, paints, paints, edging tiles, door and window materials, lime cement and other chemical building materials, roofing and roofing materials;

2, doors and windows: all kinds of materials doors and windows, wall materials and profiles, door and window accessories and raw materials, sealing and insulation materials, auxiliary doors, etc.;

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3, floor materials: parquet, floor tiles, all kinds of floor mats, door mats, bathroom mats, industrial flooring materials, sealants, glue, adhesives, PVC sheet, etc.; sanitary ware category: plumbing equipment, bathroom accessories, sanitary ware accessories , faucets, hydromassage equipment, bathing equipment, etc.;

4. HVAC: ventilation and air conditioning system facilities, condensers, water cooling equipment, refrigeration systems, ice making equipment, etc.;

5. Construction engineering machinery: metal building structure and metal materials, engineering construction machinery and road construction machinery, concrete machinery and equipment, construction and so on;

6, building materials production and processing equipment: stone processing equipment, ceramics and products production equipment, aluminum-plastic steel door and window processing equipment, aluminum curtain wall processing equipment, glass production and processing equipment.