One of the 2020 professional building materials exhibitions in Colombia

- Apr 07, 2020-

The Colombian market is booming and the city has great potential. This exhibition can bring certain publicity effects, let Colombia or neighboring countries know Chinese brands, base on Colombia, and develop South America, which is also the most attractive to Chinese companies. Looking now, under the relatively saturated and fierce competition in the European and American markets, choosing the South American market that has not yet been fully developed and has great potential is the best market development strategy for Chinese building material product companies cold roll forming machine manufacturer today.

Exhibition criteria

1. Building materials, carpets, doors, wooden floors, plywood, ceiling and wall materials, insulation materials, upholstery, paint, paint, massage bathtubs, surf bathtubs, plastic steel doors and windows and equipment, sheet profiles and equipment, sound insulation and heat insulation materials , Aluminum plastic board, metal wire and cable, plastic products, safety fire fighting equipment, etc., industrial anti-theft doors, warehouse doors, tubular motors, roller shutter doors;

2. Heating, cooling and ventilating equipment: air conditioning system, solar energy technology, fuel oil device, gas device, thermal energy circulation and utilization, air heater, ventilation device, heat exchanger, boiler equipment, fuel and fuel processing equipment, pumping equipment, etc .;

3. Electrical lighting equipment: electrical equipment, indoor and outdoor lamps, electrical switches, wires and cables, building automation equipment, etc .;

4. Pipe fittings, wall materials, shading equipment, wallpaper, cloth, paint, decorative hardware, heating equipment, waterproof materials, wires, gardening landscape, outdoor furniture, leisure equipment;

5. Water treatment technology and environment.

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