Qatar Doha International Building Materials Industry Exhibition

- Aug 22, 2019-

Exhibition time: September 23-25, 2019

Venue: Asia - Qatar

Exhibition industry: building materials

Exhibition criteria

1, Mechanical equipment and vehicles: electrical and conveyor loaders, commercial tires, construction and commercial vehicles, cranes and external equipment, bulldozers, dressing tools and equipment hoisting, material processing and processing equipment, generator sets, etc.;

2, Construction tools and building materials: building components, construction equipment and machinery, hand tools, hardware construction tools, metal and steel, power tools, safety equipment, test and measurement tools, etc.

3, Concrete related equipment: batching equipment, blocks, paving materials and tile production equipment, cement, admixtures, and cement products, concrete reinforcement and repair equipment, decorative concrete equipment, construction mold materials, scaffolding, prefabricated production and equipment, Mixing concrete, etc.;

4, Mechanical and electrical water supply and drainage services: district cooling, electrical systems, HVAC, maintenance and commercial cleaning, pipeline and water technology, refrigeration, safety and fire protection, solar energy, etc.;

5, Building maintenance structure and special buildings: elevators and escalators, insulation materials, irrigation systems, outdoor design and landscaping, outdoor facilities, roofs, coverings and glass, special buildings (assembled houses, pools, etc.), windows, doors and sun protection systems, etc.

6, Interior architecture and decoration: coatings, sealants and adhesives, floors, ceilings, walls and other interior finishes, hardwood, kitchen, bathroom and tile, lighting, marble and other stone, paint, paint, soft Wood, etc.