Roll forming machine line basics

- Jun 21, 2019-

The basic roll forming machine has a line that can be divided into four main sections. The first part is the inlet portion of the loading material. This material is usually inserted in the form of a sheet or fed from a continuous coil.

The next part, the station roll, is the actual roll forming position, the location of the station, and the location of the metal throughout the process. The station roller not only shapes the metal, but is also the main driving force of the machine.

double layer machine4

The next part of the basic roll forming machine is a cutting press in which the metal is cut to a predetermined length. Due to the speed of the machine's operation and the fact that it is a continuous working machine, flying die cutting technology is not uncommon.

The last part is the exit station, where the finished parts are routed from the machine to the roller conveyor or table and moved manually.