Roof machine technology advantages

- May 16, 2019-

Roof machine technology advantages

1) Save space. Compared with the traditional drive device structure, the linear motor drive device omits the intermediate drive link, reducing the screw end support bearing seat, and the like,

2) High speed responsiveness. The response speed of the electrical components under electromagnetic induction is higher than that of the traditional drive mechanical transmission. The screw drive mode in the traditional drive device not only increases the reaction time between the machines, but also affects the overall reaction time of the system. Therefore, the electromagnetic of the linear motor Transmission mode can greatly improve the dynamic response of the drive

3) Low noise, no wear and high efficiency. The design of the linear motor drive eliminates the mechanical transmission components and zero contact between the machines, thus reducing mechanical wear, low noise, and reducing energy loss in mechanical friction, which not only improves the environmental performance of the color steel tile press, Also greatly improved the operating efficiency of the overall system

Roof machine