Roof machine use Security notice

- May 16, 2019-

Roof machine use Security notice

(1) Control of construction machinery and equipment. Mainly from the selection of construction machinery and equipment, the main performance parameters of mechanical equipment and the use and operation requirements to control. First of all, it is necessary to have a good mechanical equipment for use, and secondly, the performance parameters of the construction machinery used can meet the requirements of the construction process and the quality assurance. For example, for welding machinery, its various parameters directly affect the quality of welding. Finally, the rational use of equipment and proper operation are important links to ensure the quality of the project construction. Operators must conscientiously implement various rules and regulations and strictly operate procedures to prevent quality accidents.

(2) Control of inspection, measurement and test equipment. The quality of the inspection, measurement and test equipment directly affects the quality inspection work and qualification of the production and installation process. In order to ensure the quality of the project construction, the gages, instruments, special test equipment, computer software and equipment and instruments that have an impact on the product characteristics of the inspection, measurement and test equipment should be controlled. This mainly includes: First, the uniformity, accuracy and reliability of the value transfer. In the process of steel structure fabrication and installation, the measuring instruments used must be verified by the legal unit of measurement, and within the validity period, and the same instrument is preferably used to measure the manufacturing and installation process. Second, select the applicable inspection, measurement, and test equipment according to the required accuracy. At the same time, the weekly inspection is carried out according to national regulations.

(3) The mechanical equipment is equipped with 60% and 70% utilization rate respectively, ensuring the matching of mechanical equipment, maintaining and maintaining the color steel tile pressing machine, and controlling the construction quality of the steel structure of the color steel pressing machine in the mechanical factors.

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