Sri Lanka Colombo International Building Materials and Construction Machinery Exhibition

- Jul 05, 2019-

Exhibition time: August 23-25, 2019

Venue: Asia - Sri Lanka - Colombo

Exhibition industry: building materials

Sri Lanka Building Materials and Construction Machinery Exhibition - CONSTRUCT EXHIBITION started in 2001 and is a large-scale exhibition of construction, building materials and services in Sri Lanka.

Exhibition criteria

1. Construction machinery and equipment: processing equipment, glass machinery, construction machinery, construction equipment molds, construction site protection products, construction site facilities, water pumps, mining and construction machinery, crushers, pavers, agricultural machinery, woodworking machinery, clothing textiles Machinery, packaging machinery, etc.;

2. Sanitary ware and hardware accessories: sanitary ware, sanitary ware, ceramic bathtub, shower room, whole bathroom, sauna swimming equipment, water heater, faucet, shower, water tank fittings, face cleaner, body cleaner, hand dryer, sitting Toilet, bathroom mirror, bathroom cabinet and supporting hardware;

3. Kitchen facilities and hardware accessories: kitchen, cabinet, sink, kitchen cabinet door, kitchen countertop, UV board, fire board, kitchen furniture, household water purification equipment, kitchen appliances, gas stoves, range hoods, etc.;

4. All kinds of door industry hardware: automatic door, garage door, rolling door, metal door, security door, insulation door, antique copper door, European art door, etc. and supporting products and access control series, all kinds of architectural decoration hardware, door control hardware , bathroom accessories, curtain wall hardware, furniture hardware, etc.;

5. Wallpaper fabric categories: all kinds of PVC plastic wallpaper, grass and linen wallpaper non-woven wallpaper, sound-absorbing wallpaper, rubber surface wallpaper, wool wallpaper, fluorescent wallpaper, fiberglass wall cloth and paper-based PVC, ink, printing roller, embossing roller, etc. ;

6. Wooden doors, stairs and wood products: decorative wooden doors, molded doors, art glass doors, solid wood doors and windows, plastic steel doors and windows, closet doors, partition doors, door flowers, door bolts, high-grade door and window locks, sealing materials, wooden stairs, steel Stairs, interior stairways, stair railings, etc.;

7. Glass products: glass mosaic, art glass, safety glass, fireproof glass, colored glass, tempered glass, mirror glass, glass film, all kinds of architectural and decorative glass, glass deep processing equipment, etc.;

8. New building materials: all kinds of architectural coatings, paints, chemical adhesives, resins, fillers, coating equipment, etc.;

9. Lighting equipment: lighting equipment, lighting accessories and Kailan, lighting control system, etc.;

10. Air conditioning and refrigeration: household air conditioning, central air conditioning, air handling equipment, refrigeration storage equipment, air conditioning refrigeration, ventilation equipment, etc.;

11. Cleaning and maintenance equipment: pipeline cleaning equipment, air purification equipment, maintenance equipment and cleaning supplies, security and protection systems, fire safety equipment, etc.