The decisive factor of the quality of light steel keel

- Sep 08, 2019-

1. the quality of the quality steel belt;

2. light steel keel molding equipment;

3. light steel keel steel strip thickness deviation size;

4. light steel keel double-sided galvanizing amount;

5. the appearance of quality;

6. keel manufacturers of fine management. Appearance quality light steel keel shape to be flat, angular clear, incision does not allow to affect the use of burrs and deformation. Galvanized layer is not allowed to have skin, tumor, shedding and other defects. Appearance quality inspection should be in the distance from the product 0. A visual examination is carried out at 5m under bright lighting conditions. Light steel keel surface should be galvanized rust-proof, its double-sided galvanizing capacity: excellent products not less than 120g/m*m