trapezoidal sheet roof wall panel machine does not work in automatic mode

- Oct 10, 2019-

Recently, after receiving the trapezoidal sheet roof wall panel machine, the customer found that the machine can be used normally during manual operation, but it cannot be used when using the automatic mode.

The customer asked us for help on how to solve this problem. We have listed some solutions for this customer.


Clear the current number of sheets {press the ALM button}.

When the automatic switch is in the open position, the IN terminal 2 light on the PLC is not lit {can be replaced by any brand LAY3 series knob}.

The travel switch is broken or the line from the travel switch to the electric box is broken.

If the above methods are invalid, please check: set the number and length, clear the current length, the cutter rises to the upper limit, the PLC input 7 lights up, turn on the automatic switch, check whether the line voltage is normal according to the drawing.

trapezoidal sheet roof wall panel machine