Two application forms of light steel structure

- Dec 16, 2019-

Wall structure:

The wall of a light steel structure house is mainly composed of wall frame columns, wall top beams, wall bottom beams, wall supports, wall panels and connectors.

Buildings with light steel structure generally use internal cross-walls as load-bearing walls of the structure, and the wall columns are C-shaped light steel members. The wall thickness is determined by the load, usually 0.84 to 2 mm. The distance between wall pillars is generally 400-600 mm.

This kind of wall structure layout for building light steel structure houses can effectively withstand and reliably transfer vertical loads and is easy to arrange.

Roofing system:

It is composed of roof truss, structural OSB panel, waterproof layer, light roof tile (metal or asphalt tile) and related connectors.

The roof of light steel structure can have various combinations of appearances and various materials. Under the premise of ensuring the waterproof technology, there are many options for the appearance.

light steel structure