UK's largest and most professional exhibition on construction

- Aug 26, 2019-

UK CONSTRUCTION WEEK is the UK's largest and most professional exhibition on construction.

Exhibition time: October 2019

Exhibition criteria
1. Building Services and Management / UK HVAC Exhibition: air conditioning systems, heating systems, lighting, management and building systems, electrical and mechanical services, ventilation;

2, building exterior wall insulation materials: blinds and sunshade, curtain wall, exterior wall panels, doors, windows, glass, glass curtain wall and installation, thermal insulation, roof;

3. Building materials: adhesives, aggregates, concrete, natural materials, ceramics, natural stone, artificial stone, striped tiles, sandstone, granite, etc., wood, engineered wood, brick, recycled materials;

4. Module building: kitchen and bathroom pods, residential industrialization, modules and prefabricated buildings;

5. Building decoration materials: floor, wall and ceiling finishes, paints and paints, tiles, roofing materials;

6, accessories: kitchen and bathroom equipment and accessories, home appliances, fasteners, furniture and accessories;

7. Other materials: building structure, hand tools, plastic profiles, aluminum profiles, safety fireproof equipment, construction hardware, faucets, plumbing equipment, etc.