V-type Hanging keel installation note

- Aug 15, 2018-

1. for the ceiling, the long edge of the gypsum board must be vertical or flat with the sub-keel to lay, fixed parts (self-tapping screws) and gypsum board distance of about 10-16mm, fastening, gypsum board must be fixed with the skeleton;

2. fixed plate, should be fixed from the middle of a plate of the long side and short edge, nail positioning, the nail head slightly buried in the plate, but not damage the plate surface;

3. gypsum board docking to tighten, the seam must be added to the keel, gypsum board should be installed in a stress-free State, not pressure positioning, should ensure that the bottom of the side keel is in the same plane, keel length of the insertion site should be staggered. The lacquer keel is a thin-walled profile with cold rolling continuous hot-dip galvanized steel strip and baking lacquer belt as raw material, and a reasonable "T" section structure formed by composite rolling through cold bending process.