What are the advantages of Haixing Group Light Steel Villa?(2)

- Aug 16, 2019-

6. Anti-insect ants: The light steel structure of light steel villas is made of galvanized steel. The maintenance plates are not attacked by insects such as termites. They can adapt to the climate of various regions and greatly reduce the maintenance of houses. cost.

7. Diversified shapes: Light steel structure can realize a variety of design and design, can meet the requirements of various building design, and has been highly respected for high-end and diversified building appearances for many years.

8. Strong fire performance: According to the "Code for Fire Protection of Building Design", the fire rating of civil residential houses is divided into four levels, and the fire resistance level of light steel villas can reach three levels. It can be seen that light steel buildings have strong fire performance.

9. Long building life: According to the survey, the service life of light steel villas has reached more than 100 years. Compared with the average life expectancy of buildings in China, less than 30 years can indicate the durability of light steel buildings.

10. Insulation and sound insulation: Since the wall of the assembled light steel house is filled with fiberglass cotton, the thickness of the wall is only 1/2 of that of the traditional villa, which can achieve higher insulation performance than the traditional villa, and can be effective. The soundproofing effect of the air-transmitted audio portion is prevented by more than 50 dB, and the structure occupied area is greatly reduced.