What are the advantages of hydraulic transmission?

- Apr 08, 2019-

There are many ways to drive our roll forming machines, and customers can choose according to their own needs. Haixing Group has organized some hydraulic transmission advantages for customers.

Hydraulic drives use liquid as a medium to transfer energy. Compared with mechanical transmission, electric drive and pneumatic transmission, hydraulic transmission has the following advantages:

1, It is easy to obtain a large force or moment.

2, The power to weight ratio is large.

3, Easy to achieve reciprocating motion.

4, It is easy to achieve a wide range of continuously variable shifting.

5, The transmission movement is smooth.

6, Fast and shock-free shifting and commutation are possible.

7, Easy to lay out and maneuver compared to mechanical drives.

8, Easy to prevent overload accidents.

9, Automatic lubrication and long component life.

10, Easy to standardize and serialize.