AfriBuild Will Be Held On October 13, 2020

- Sep 07, 2020-

INTERBUILD AFRIA was founded in 1968 by the famous Specialised exhibition company in South Africa. It has developed into a professional construction and building material expo in Africa, and has obtained the professional certification of UFI, the international exhibition alliance organization. Aiming to equip the local construction department with the examples, demonstrations, skills and suggestions and future development needed for success, the organizers will upgrade the exhibition into a new biennale trade show in 2020 and give it the new name AfriBuild.

1. Construction machinery: processing equipment, construction machinery, construction equipment, site protective equipment, construction site facilities, etc.;

2. Building materials: ceramics, natural stone, artificial stone, decoration materials, construction chemical additives, coatings, paints, floor and carpet, wallpaper and wall panel inlays, door and window materials, roof and roof materials, hollow glass, etc.;

3. Building hardware: taps, plumbing equipment, sanitary ware, door and window hardware accessories, standard parts, barbed wire, etc.;

4. Building products and structures, roofs, engineering pipe networks, fire safety systems, furnaces and fireplaces, construction technology, etc.;

5. Heating facilities, air conditioning and ventilation systems, heating technology, recreational equipment, electrical facilities, lighting systems, water systems and facilities, refrigeration systems, bathroom facilities, etc.;

6. Bathroom equipment, bathroom accessories, drainage systems, drinking water installation accessories, geysers and hot water systems, installation systems and installation technology, insulation and sealing materials, pipe throughput holes, kitchens, housekeeping rooms and special equipment, meters and meters, Plumbing, fittings and thermoplastics, pumps and pump technology, rainwater collection and heat pumps, showers, bathtubs, washbasins, faucets and mixers, solar heating and cooling, toilets, water tanks, urinals, toilets and portable toilets, valves, cylinders and drainage Ditch, water treatment.