Barcelona International Building Materials Exhibition

- Apr 04, 2019-

Exhibition name: Barcelona Building Construmat

Exhibition scale: 20000-50000

Exhibition time: May 14-17, 2019

Venue: Europe - Spain - Barcelona

Exhibition industry: building materials

Exhibition introduction:

Barcelona Building Construmat is an important trade show for the construction industry and will cover the entire field of the construction industry. The Barcelona International Building Materials Exhibition is hosted by the Barcelona Exhibition Group and is held every two years.

Exhibition criteria

1. Construction machinery and equipment, construction facilities, site safety protection articles, cranes and transportation equipment, building infrastructure, etc.;

2, Prefabricated components, measuring and calibration tools, insulation, waterproof products and paint spray, wood and PVC roof materials, lock metal devices and other related products;

3, Kitchen equipment, bathroom supplies, air conditioning and heating equipment, elevators, etc.

4. Water, gas and sewer pipes and installation equipment, lighting fixtures and lighting electrical components, intelligent household facilities, living environment design, and environmentally friendly materials.

5, BIM, digital technology (Internet of Things, virtual reality, etc.)

6. Services (engineering, architectural firm, interior design, consulting, etc.)

7. Builders (infrastructure reconstruction and construction)