Brazil Sao Paulo International Building Materials Exhibition In September 2020

- Jul 08, 2020-

FEICON BATIMAT, a building material exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is organized by the Latin American trade exhibition contractor Reed Brazil, to promote the flow of resources and further promote the exchange and contact between Brazil and the world.

The potential is huge: the participating companies cover all civil fields such as construction, decoration, refrigeration, ventilation, paint manufacturing and so on. The increase in the number of international participants in the Brazilian Sao Paulo Building Materials Exhibition each year reflects Brazil's huge potential in the international market to a certain extent.

Good platform: Brazil's building materials exhibition FEICON BATIMAT has been proved to be a showcase of new products and technologies in the construction field of the international market, and it also highlights the importance of Brazil as a gateway to the South American market. In order to better guide the audience to find target products and companies, quickly reach intent transactions, and ensure good results of on-site business negotiations, the Chinese exhibition area continues to use the partition display mode, displaying doors and windows and glass, indoor and outdoor decoration and decoration, hardware tools, outdoor leisure and gardening Supplies and other product areas.

Excellent market: Brazil, the host country of the FEICON BATIMAT exhibition of building materials in Sao Paulo, is a large population country in South America. Its area, population and total economic volume are all in the forefront of South America, and it has a strong radiation capacity to surrounding countries and regions. Brazil is a party to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. In recent years, the Brazilian government has adopted new economic policies, gradually opening the market, introducing equipment, and expanding exports, with a view to revitalizing the Brazilian economy. Sao Paulo is a big city in Brazil, a big city in South America and even the southern hemisphere. It is the center of commerce, finance, culture, and industrial manufacturing.