Cebu International Building Materials Exhibition

- Aug 14, 2020-

Strong professionalism: This exhibition will bring together new and cutting-edge industrial technologies of relevant industry information machines to provide industry exhibitors and professional sellers with a professional international trade platform. According to Yingtuo's investigation, the exhibition not only meets the needs of the Philippine building materials market, but also radiates the entire Southeast Asian region. The exhibition is an excellent platform to enter the Southeast Asian market. The Philippines itself is one of the important trading markets in Southeast Asia, gathering importers and traders from neighboring countries.

Hosting strength: PHILBEX is organized by Worldbex Services International. The Philippines International Building Materials Exhibition (WORLDBEX) hosted by it is one of the important hardware and building materials exhibitions in Asia and a large-scale building materials and construction exhibition in the Philippines. Exhibitors have achieved good results and expressed satisfaction with the results of the exhibition. The exhibition area ranges from building materials, equipment services, architectural design and development to ranking the country's outstanding architects and interior designers, plus leading manufacturers and furniture manufacturers.