Daily Maintenance Of Unwinding Machine

- Jan 15, 2019-

1. according to the requirements of the Oil cup lubrication and artificial lubrication points to refuel.

2. according to the parameters specified in the Unwinding machine unwinding plate, roll plate thickness of 20mm, the maximum length of 2500mm, coil material yield limit is less than 250MPA.

3. switch on the power supply, the next roll positive and negative two direction and upper roller lifting movement, check the movement has all normal phenomenon of death.

4. in strict accordance with the unwinding machine coil processing procedures and operating methods to operate, in the upper roller lift to the limit position, we should pay great attention to the safe operation of the equipment.

5. when the main drive shutdown, can be carried out on the rise and fall of the roller, flip the bearing of the dumping reset and the upper roller tilt.

6. in the course of operation, if you find irregular noise, shock and other abnormal phenomena, should be immediately shut down to check.

7. the operation of the personnel to coordinate with each other, obey the conductor of the head of the roll board, there is no password, no need to start the machine.

8. to carry out the unwinding machine coil operation should pay great attention to the hand by the steel plate pressure and steel plate rolled together.

9. When lifting steel plate or reel with driving, be careful not to collide with the machine. After the completion of the work of the unwinding machine, to do the completion of the site clear, and do a good job of equipment maintenance work, timely shutdown of the power supply.

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