Debugging Of The Press Tile Machine

- Sep 08, 2018-

The center line of the upper and lower roll of the crimping machine shall be on the same plane line, whichever is the center wheel, the plane degree is not less than 1mm, the clearance of each row up and down roll is equal, and the gap deviation is +0.1mm. Use conventional gauges or plug to debug the foundation of the crimping machine, sometimes called the components required for the bed body, the support rack, the shaft, the roll, the drive chain and other molding structures. The most important requirements of the Foundation are: operation, transport, rigidity during installation. The flatness, level, of the upper surface used to install the component. A keyway or other part used for rack positioning. The characteristics of lubrication equipment used for cold bending lubrication and the main components of its use include: Machine, PLC computer control system, hydraulic pumping station system, automatic post-shear system equipment Product characteristics: smooth appearance and beautiful, uniform paint, high strength, durable scope of application: Widely used in industrial civil buildings, such as factories, warehouses, locomotive banks, Aircraft depots, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, theatres and other premises and walls.