December 2020 Vietnam International Building Materials Decoration And Home Furnishing Exhibition

- Dec 09, 2020-

Vietnam Building Materials Decoration and Home Furnishing Exhibition VIETBUILD HOME is hosted by the Ministry of Construction and Municipal Government of Vietnam, and hosted by AFC Exhibition Company. It is an international exhibition focusing on construction, building materials, decorative products and real estate. It will be held on December 19-23, 2019. It was held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Exhibition criteria

1. Decorative materials: paint, chemical paint, decorative board, stone, wallpaper, carpet, wooden floor, new floor, etc.;

2. Glass and processed glass: architectural glass, decorative glass, industrial glass, special glass, deep-processed glass products, etc.;

3. Doors, windows, curtain walls, hardware: civil and industrial safety doors, handles, hinges, locks, hinges, door closers and other hardware accessories;

4. Housing construction materials: waterproof sealing materials, heat preservation, sound insulation, rust prevention and heat insulation materials, composite materials, adhesives, water supply and drainage, pipelines, valve products and technologies, cement, cement additives, etc.;

5. Architectural lighting electrical and ventilation equipment: lighting fixtures, switches, sockets and other electrical control components, air conditioners, radiators, indoor and outdoor electricians, electrical equipment and technology, protection and safety control equipment, access control systems, etc.;

6. Household items: household appliances, ceramics, stone, bathroom facilities, kitchen facilities, various lamps, lighting and accessories, electric light source products, electrical products, lighting electrical accessories, etc., furniture, civilian furniture, office furniture, furniture accessories, Hotel supplies, desktop supplies, guest rooms, various decorations, supporting electrical appliances, cleaning and laundry equipment, textiles, etc.