February 2021 Cairo International Building Materials Exhibition, Egypt

- Dec 23, 2020-

EGYPT PROJECTS is organized by AGEX (a well-known exhibition company in the Middle East and the Gulf region) and has an important position in the African region and even the global market. The exhibition brought together executives and decision makers from leading construction and building materials companies in the Middle East and Africa. It is an industry event that industry professionals should not miss.

Exhibition criteria

1. Building materials: building ceramics, decorative materials, coatings and paints, floor and carpet, wallpaper and wall panel inlays, garden facilities, landscaping furnishings, door and window materials (wood, aluminum alloy, plastic, plastic steel, etc.), ceiling and roofing materials , Glass curtain wall, etc.;

2. Pipes, fittings, water treatment, pumps: pipes and pipes, PVC, UPVC, high-pressure pipes, fittings and valves, structural pipes, water treatment (drinking water, industrial water), gears, hydraulics, compressed air, steam pumps, etc.;

3. Construction tools: scaffolding frame, bolts, screws and hinges, etc.;

4. Coatings, chemicals, adhesives: paints, coatings, wall coatings, insulation, waterproofing, construction chemicals, etc.;

5. Construction equipment and vehicles: cranes, forklifts, trucks, commercial vehicles, earthmoving equipment, lifting and handling equipment, pumping equipment and accessories, elevators and escalators, etc.;

6. HVAC: water, air and steam distribution systems, heat generation, water boiler heating systems, ventilation and piping systems, air conditioning, air filtration and cleaning, etc.;

7. Lighting, electricity, home accessories: lighting systems, lamps, chandeliers, cables and wires, electricity, high and low voltage control, smart home solutions, textiles, decorative wood, iron products, etc.