Hydraulic Decoiler Machine Technical Parameters And Details

- Jun 04, 2019-

Hydraulic decoiler machine technical parameters


380V/50Hz, 3 phase.


2500 mm*1600 mm*1750 mm.


About 2.4 tons.

Hydraulic pump station

5 solenoid valve pump station.

Hydraulic power

3KW, 380V.

Host rated power

4kw (International Trade brand), cycloid reducer.


Base with 300H GB I-beam, the box is welded with 16mm thick steel plate.

Supporting spindle

Made of thick-walled seamless steel tube, shaft diameter 194*45 mm.

Feeding width

0-1500 mm.

Steel coil inner diameter

470-530 mm, ± 20 mm.

Rated load capacity

Within 5 tons.

Hydraulic cylinder

Up to the cylinder diameter 125 mm, 1 (plus rotation).

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