Installation Of Press Tile Machine

- Dec 05, 2018-

The mold used in the crimping machine equipment requires an upper die and six lower modules of the same size, first install the upper die and a lower die, the lower die directly installed in the six square Wheel workbench, the upper die mounted on the bottom of the slider, and placed the appropriate thickness of the pad, to ensure that the upper and lower die mold, the surrounding edge gap is uniform, the distance between the upper and lower die is equal to the thickness of the required tile billet. Then the above mode is accurate, the Workbench transposition, the installation of the remaining five to pay the mold, all installed up and down the mold before driving for the pressure tile. Press Tile Machine Equipment Manual billet, billet working procedures: Before the use of equipment, to check whether the connection is secure, installation bolts, nuts are tightened, left and right chassis should be added to the lubrication oil, in order to power up the start of the machine for commissioning, first empty operation carefully observed, there is no vibration, noise, oil window whether to oil, whether the movement of All normal after the installation of the mold, the installation of the mold, must be cut off the power supply, hand-moved motor belt or large gear, so that the workbench transposition, and so that the slider rise to the highest point, it is best to use an object to support between the workbench and the bottom of the slider, to prevent the sliding seat natural whereabouts, resulting in accidents.