Kenya Nairobi International Five Major Industry Exhibitions

- Oct 13, 2020-

The 2020 Kenya Five Major Exhibition will be held at Kenyatta International Conference Center in Nairobi from November 4-6, 2020.

THE BIG5 CONSTRUCT EAST AFRICA is organized by the famous DMG EVENTS exhibition company, and it has been held every year since it was first held in 2016.

Range of exhibition

1. Construction and decoration materials: sanitary ware, doors and windows and accessories, door and window electrical and door control systems, cabinets, kitchen and bathroom facilities, stone, building ceramics, gypsum products, ceilings, plastic building materials, composite materials, new building materials, architectural glass, Floor covering materials, floors, carpets, artificial turf, labor protection supplies, safety protection equipment, tents, tarpaulins, sun rooms, decorative materials, plastic rubber, wallpaper fabrics, home furnishings, etc.;

2. Construction hardware: steel, aluminum, stainless steel, sheet metal, keel, wire mesh, fence, steel structure, scaffolding, construction hardware accessories, hardware tools, etc.;

3. Wood and wood products, boards: wood, wood products, bamboo products, man-made boards, construction wood templates; solid wood flooring, composite flooring, laminate flooring, anti-static flooring; composite wood, wood plastic materials, fireproof boards, melamine boards, PVC composite materials, resin boards, decorative paper, etc.;

4. Construction chemicals: architectural coatings, paints, adhesives, adhesives, tapes, additives, additives, fillers, insulation materials, waterproof materials, building corrosion protection, glass fiber materials, etc.;

5. Refrigeration: heating, ventilation and air conditioning components, refrigeration systems and equipment, plumbing and water treatment technology, pumps, valves, pipes and fittings, access and lifting equipment, etc.;

6. Concrete and construction machinery: formwork and scaffolding, concrete and cement equipment, construction and commercial vehicles, batching equipment, mining machinery and equipment, etc.;

7. Construction services: equipment management, commercial cleaning and sanitation, elevators and escalators, safety assurance, building automation, software and IT, etc.