Melbourne International Green Building Materials And Lighting Exhibition

- Apr 22, 2019-


Exhibition size: less than 10,000

Exhibition time: May 2019

Venue: Oceania - Australia - Melbourne

Exhibition industry: building materials

Exhibition introduction: GREEN BUILDING AND HOMEWARES is hosted by Australia Orvis Exhibition Group and held for the first time in 2016. It is supported by the Australian Federal Government, Australian Building Society and Australian Household Products Association. During the exhibition, new product promotion conferences, international building materials and home industry seminars, smart home design exhibitions, and industry expert series forums will be held at the same time. It is one of Australia's most professional and technical construction and home furnishing fairs.

Exhibition criteria

1, Green building materials(metal roof tiles): environmentally-friendly building materials and accessories, environmentally-friendly decorative materials, sound-insulating materials, energy-saving building materials, etc.;

2, Photovoltaic building integration: photovoltaic roof, energy storage device, photoelectric curtain wall, etc.;

3, construction hardware: construction hardware tools, outdoor leisure building equipment and accessories, lawn and garden decoration, piping systems and heating accessories products;

4, Construction technology: elevators and escalators, control systems, building management systems and software, construction engineering and services, etc.;

5, interior decoration materials: carpets, insulation materials, decoration panels, doors and windows, wood products, floor materials, etc.;

6, kitchen and bathroom: kitchen cabinets, kitchen appliances, kitchen appliances, bath tubs and toilets, bathroom cabinets, bathroom hardware and accessories, bathtubs, bathroom rooms, showers, etc.;

7, Construction training, testing and management: building quality monitoring and monitoring services, electronic monitoring management systems, property management, public services, training and consulting services.