Moscow International Building Materials Exhibition

- Mar 15, 2019-

Exhibition time: April 2019

Exhibition introduction: MOSBUILD is the largest professional building materials exhibition in Russia and even in Eastern Europe. The cycle is one year.

Exhibition criteria

1,bathroom & pool & spa: bathroom facilities and accessories, bathtub, toilet, sink & washbasin, tub, medical whirlpool bathtub, shower room, shower components, bathroom accessories, swimming pool and SPA;

2,ceramic and ceramic machinery / technology: tiles, mosaics, skirting boards / lines, decorative strips, tile floating floor, ceramics, production machinery, natural materials, chemical products and additives, pressing & forming & casting & drying equipment, pigments and Glaze, (ceramic, utensil) decal paper, packaging and transportation products, quality control;

3,the ground: floor, carpet, plastic floor materials, floor materials accessories, consumables and covering technology, floor decoration materials and carpet processing machinery and equipment, ground material pattern design and printing;

4,wall decoration: wallpaper, murals, adhesives, tools;

5,curtain fabric: window layout - curtains, blinds; curtains and blinds accessories; decorative textiles - kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and other home textiles; home decorations; carpets and tapestries; indoor window system - roller / column Outdoor shading equipment; tools and machinery for the production of window products;

6,paints and coatings: indoor & outdoor coatings, gypsum, dyes & water paint;

7,door locks: doors, door lock hardware and accessories;

8,decorative lighting: LED lights, interior lighting, chandeliers and other home lighting; lighting and electricity: outdoor lighting, architectural lighting equipment, electronic power, etc.;

9,comprehensive building materials: coatings, adhesives & chemicals, roofing materials, insulation materials, scaffolding, formwork/ frame, wood, sheet, cement & concrete, brick, equipment, ancillary equipment, wooden structure;

10,hardware tools and outdoor gardening: hand tools, power tools, fixtures and accessories, work benches, tool accessories and devices, equipment boxes, ladders, loading and unloading equipment, outdoor gardening and related products;

11,interior decoration: interior design, bedroom textiles, home decoration supplies and accessories, carpets and tapestries, interior decoration lighting and other interior decoration products;

12,Stone: indoor stone; outdoor stone; wear agent, cutting tool and chemical product required by stone industry, tools and equipment needed for processing natural stone, raw material preparation;

13,door and window area: automatic doors, industrial doors, automation technology, etc.; aluminum profiles, glass, door and window hardware, doors and windows and glass machinery; fire equipment, fire safety equipment; art glass, architectural / decorative glass, industrial glass, glass machinery, etc..