Munich International Building Materials, Building Systems And Construction Trade Fair

- Nov 27, 2020-

BAU is the largest exhibition in the construction industry in Europe. The organizer of the Munich International Exhibition Company (MMG) is one of the five largest exhibition companies in Germany. It has a series of world-renowned brand exhibitions and European first-class exhibitions. Modern exhibition.

Exhibition criteria

1. Aluminum products, fixed components, safety and fire protection technology, aluminum processing machinery and tools, steel products, gates, doors and windows, zinc and copper, products, stainless steel products;

2. Wood products and plastic products, doors and windows, inner doors, front doors, door frames, stairs, floors;

3. Urban landscape design, urban landmarks and public buildings, garden design, construction industry software and computer-aided design overlay molding technology, locks and supporting facilities, building safety, building ventilation and air conditioning technology;

4. Elastic and textile floor coverings, floors, laminated molding technology, gymnasium floors, carpet materials, glass, glass building materials, glass curtain walls;

5. Tile and glass tile ceramic products, building materials, natural stone, sanitary products, construction chemistry, paint and paint, adhesives, various insulating materials, construction tools, sealing technology tiles, roof and chimney building materials.