Operating Procedures For Unwinding Machines

- Jan 03, 2019-

1. loading operation to have a person with the forklift driver to carry out, so that the steel coil material and expansion of the Reel shaft Center basic consistency, and then the forklift driver slowly put the steel coil material on the car.

2. the operator to rise or fall (lifting car), the steel coil material adjustment to the expansion of the Reel Shaft Center (that is: the material can go into the expansion of the shaft), at this time adjust the top of the unwinding machine active housing, so that it and the unwinding machine to maintain on the same horizontal line.

3. adjust the expansion nut so that four arc plate, swelling and tightening steel coil materials, to avoid the work of steel coil material deformation and damage.

4. when the steel coil material expansion, hand rotation unwinding machine, to observe whether the material rotates freely, to avoid all kinds of hidden dangers in the work.

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