Peru Lima International Building Materials Exhibition

- Aug 31, 2020-

EXCON PERU is a professional exhibition for the construction industry in Peru. It has been successfully held for 23 sessions. As a professional comprehensive building materials exhibition, the exhibition provides exhibitors with innovative products and services to enter the Peru market, and provides a professional platform and business opportunities for exploring the Latin American market.

Exhibition criteria

1. Indoor and outdoor decoration categories: bathroom accessories, furniture accessories, aluminum alloy door and window accessories, plastic steel door and window accessories, carpets, glass, ceilings, curtains, decorative porcelain, sinks, marble, solid wood composite floors, closets, blinds, floor materials, etc.;

2. Building materials: plating accessories, forging accelerators, steel, concrete, coagulants, wires and cables, aluminum, asphalt, steel cables, cement, iron products, concrete bricks, refractory bricks, protective film, steel beams, pre Making joists, plaster, etc.;

3. Heavy construction machinery: loaders, compactors, air compressors, platform lifts, generators, fillers, cutting machines, concrete mixers, backhoes, transportation vehicles, engineering vehicles, etc.;

4. Construction equipment: electrical accessories, wiring equipment, wire mesh accessories, mechanical hardware, water pumps, prefabricated stairs, switches and sockets, adhesives, plastic steel profiles, aluminum alloy profiles, metal profiles, steel plates, aluminum plates, plated plates, Construction system, security system, overhead water tank, water tank, copper pipe, concrete pipe, fiberglass pipe, metal pipe, plastic pipe, PVC pipe, sewage pipe, scaffolding, various screws, fasteners, power tools, etc.;

5. Construction service products: construction software, construction software, construction magazines and publications, housing developers, construction, contractors and subcontractors, polished concrete floor contractors, software for construction sites, public institutions, construction engineering universities And research institutions.