Philippines Manila International Building Materials, Construction Equipment And Technology Exhibition

- Oct 20, 2020-

Range of exhibition

1. Construction machinery and equipment: sound insulation materials and systems, adhesives and sealants, air conditioners, concrete, anchor bolts, cement slurry, asphalt, asphalt spreader, brick veneer, stone plywood, building template, ceiling Components, ceiling suspension systems, cement, cladding materials, coatings, construction equipment, trucks, doors, expansion joints, floor materials, floor maintenance, floor structure, formwork engineering, gabion nets, mattresses, glass, glass fiber reinforced materials, steel Saw blades, hardware and construction materials, heavy equipment, hydraulic tools and equipment, heat preservation and heat insulation materials, cements, sealants, laser measuring tools, lighting fixtures, marble, granite, milling tools, paint, varnish, panels, power tools, PVC building materials, recycling machines, road rollers, scaffolding materials, water tanks, tiles, trucks and agricultural machinery, trucks and heavy machinery, wall panels, waterproof materials, welding rods, welding machines, windows;

2. Industrial and mining equipment: heavy equipment, light equipment;

3. Interior design and decoration: architectural hardware, awnings, bathroom, blinds, curtains, panels, cabinets, office series, carpets, ceilings, curtain walls, door and door parts, floor series, furniture, indoor and outdoor decoration, roofs and roofs Material, steel frame project;

4. Machinery, electricity, engineering series and maintenance: acoustic materials, air and liquid filtration, air pumps and tools, concrete vibrators, construction equipment, construction services, drainage pipes and accessories, power and lighting series, energy management systems, fans , Exhaust fans, generators, heavy equipment, hydraulic devices, closets, raw material handling equipment, trowels, pressure washers, rammers, rescue equipment, sanitary pipes, spray guns and industrial equipment, ventilation systems, water purifiers And water pump;

5. Safety and fire protection equipment: access control system, monitoring equipment, fire alarm system, safety design and service, window film, wireless outdoor antenna;

6. Others.