Precautions For Electric Power Of Pressure Tile Machine

- Nov 19, 2018-

1. The electrician must understand the workshop line and the type of equipment performance, the performance of its equipment does not understand understand, can not take the risk of the use.

2. Electrician to set the time to check the motor and electrical control table, such as the situation, check the case to see the situation, must be dealt with quickly.Check the degree of the motor, first check without electricity, and then according to the back of the hand check.

3. In addition to the temporary construction of the electricity and measures, can not be a temporary line, can not be messy lantern, tools and welding equipment, such as the use of smooth sockets, the previous line can not be arbitrarily changed.

4. According to the delimitation of his products on schedule inspection care, do not use the electrical product line to be completely removed.