Roof Machine Develop

- May 16, 2019-


With the development of screens, can production lines, instruments, automobiles, hardware and other industries, the demand for pressure tile equipment is also growing. After market research, in order to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, the research and development of the multi-station CNC self-rotating molding machine for the press machine was established.

A high-precision self-rotating mold of a tile pressing machine, which is divided into an upper half and a lower half, and the upper mold system of the upper half and the lower mold system of the lower half are respectively installed with a pair of synchronous motors to synchronize the upper and lower molds. The rotating worm gear transmission mechanism is characterized in that: the upper mold system comprises an upper drive sleeve, an upper rotary sleeve, a convex mold and an upper sleeve seat, and the lower mold system comprises a concave mold, a lower rotary sleeve, a lower sleeve and a lower sleeve; The worm gear drive mechanism is fixed on the shearer frame, and the upper and lower worm gears are respectively mounted on the upper and lower drive sleeves; the punch and the die are respectively installed in the upper and lower rotary sleeves, and the rotary sleeve and the sleeve are mounted on the pressing machine. On the upper and lower turntables.

roof curving machine_0002

A high-precision self-rotating mold for a tile pressing machine, the upper mold system and the lower mold system are respectively provided with a set of worm gear driving mechanism fixed on a shearing machine frame and driven by a pair of synchronous motors; respectively, the driving sleeves of the upper and lower mold systems respectively Cooperating with the rotating sleeve, driven by the synchronously rotating worm gear and worm gear, the driving sleeve and the rotating sleeve are separated or meshed with each other by the control of the discriage mounted on the upper and lower driving sleeves, thereby realizing the upper and lower molds of the rotating mold. The tile press is coaxial, high-precision, and rotates at any angle.