Sao Paulo International Building Materials Exhibition, Brazil

- Mar 13, 2019-

Exhibition time

April 9 - 12, 2019

Exhibition introduction

FEICON BATIMAT was held by Reliance Brazil, the largest trade show contractor in Latin America, to promote the flow of resources and further promote exchanges and contacts between Brazil and the world.

Exhibition criteria

1, Outdoor gardening supplies: outdoor and garden furniture, outdoor gardening lamps, gardening hardware tools, gardening supplies and accessories, sunshades, wooden boards, barbecue utensils, planting supplies, plant flowers, mowing equipment, artificial lawns, sports grounds, Swimming pool equipment, etc.

2, door and window glass: door frame, window frame, aluminum, glass, curtains, etc.;

3, indoor and outdoor decoration: marble, rock, granite, tile, floor, wallpaper, ceramic coating, paint, wood floor tiles, furniture veneer, partition board, ceiling, wood floor, carpet, furniture, roof covering, metal Quality walls, waterproof products and systems, thermal insulation panels, etc.;

4, hardware tools: cutting tools, hand tools, power tools, small processing machinery, daily hardware, construction hardware, decorative hardware, wire mesh, construction frames, electric drills, fasteners, screens, maintenance tools, pumps and valves and Class accessories, etc.

5, Main works and other: anti-theft system, safety stairs, building construction management equipment and software, building peripheral network and guards, construction machinery, cement, asphalt, etc.