Sao Paulo International Green Building Materials Exhibition, Brazil

- Jun 18, 2019-

Exhibition time: August 2019

Venue: South America - Brazil - Sao Paulo

Exhibition industry: building materials

GREENBUILDING BRASIL is a national key support project. It has a large scale and excellent group exhibition effect and appeal. It is committed to developing into the largest and most influential building materials exhibition in Brazil and South America.

Exhibition criteria

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning;

Sustainable building materials;

Automation and safety equipment;

Glue, paint and sealant;

Energy efficiency materials;

Pipelines, water and treatment systems;

Renewable Energy;

Waterproofing, products and services;

Solution testing laboratory;

Construction machinery, tools and equipment;

Metal fixtures and sanitary ware;

Equipment maintenance, products and services;

Public policy promotes sustainable architecture;

Safety product

Facilities management products and services;

Recycling and disposal of residues;

Safety coating

Building safety and automation;

Professional services: architecture, engineering, consulting, commissioning and simulation;

Green roofs and landscaping - products and services;

Paints, solvents, varnishes and accessories;

Pipes, connections, valves and pumps.

705 glazed roof machine