Stuttgart International Metal Sheet Processing Link Technology Exhibition

- Oct 28, 2019-

The leader in European metalworking exhibitions

Professionalism: The joint exhibition is dedicated to the entire process chain represented by sheet metal cold forming, linking technology and cutting technology. According to the Haixing Industrial Group, the exhibition includes all sheet metal related technologies and sheet metal machinery, systems and tools. Peripherals, materials and computer technology.

The target audience for the show is professionals from all levels of the industrial chain, from the assembly of sheet metal parts, sheet metal components and equipment, to the surface treatment before the cleaning of such parts and components.

The scale of the exhibition: from 2007, it was held in conjunction with the new organization's Link Technology Exhibition (Schweisstec). The combination of these two themes made the exhibition the only trade show in the world that complements the metal sheet processing and linking technology.

In just a short period of time, it became the leader of the European metal processing exhibition, ranking second in the global metal processing and link trade show.