Thailand Bangkok International Building Materials And Interior Decoration Exhibition

- May 21, 2020-

Bangkok International Building Materials and Interior Decoration Exhibition (Architect) is a large-scale building materials and machinery exhibition in the ASEAN region. It is also a professional, authoritative and important exhibition for trade opportunities in Thailand.

Range of exhibition

1. Building materials: ceramics, ceramic processing equipment and pottery products, kitchen and bathroom, bedroom textiles, home decoration accessories, floors and carpets, house interior design, natural stone, artificial stone, diamond tools, plastic profiles, aluminum profiles, decoration Materials, coatings, paints, border tiles, wallpaper and wall panel inlays, adhesives, waterproof systems, construction equipment and equipment, air conditioning HVAC, refrigeration equipment, etc .;

2. Flooring: solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring, laminate flooring, cork flooring, various artificial boards, carpets, door mats, bathroom mats, industrial floor materials, etc .;

3. Doors and windows: doors and windows of various materials, curtain walls of various structures, wall materials and profiles, door and window accessories and original accessories, accessories for sealing and insulation materials, door and window testing equipment, profile extrusion and surface treatment equipment, molds, assembly and Ventilation equipment, various special doors and windows, intercom systems, locking systems and equipment, etc .;

4. Architectural hardware: faucets, plumbing equipment, sanitary ware, doors (including cabinet closet doors), windows and doors and window hardware accessories, valves, fasteners, standard parts, bathroom facilities, bathroom accessories and decoration, sanitary hardware accessories, etc.

5. Stones: plates, stone bricks, composite materials, artificial stones, shaped products, environmental decorative stone products, stone curing equipment, construction technology, curing materials, stone bonding, sealing materials, stone accessories, processing, machinery equipment and tools Wait;

6. Machinery: construction equipment, machinery, vehicles, scaffolding, metal ladders, building protection products, mining equipment, ceramic machinery, stone machinery equipment, cutting machines, polishing and manufacturing machinery, etc.