The Advantages Of Machine Parts For The Metal Roof Making Machine

- Nov 12, 2019-

01. Mainframe: GB H steel, hard texture.

02. Operator station: 360-degree rotation display.

03. Cutter: The main material is Cr12, which has high hardness.

04. Retaining pad: Prevent the nut from loosening.

05. Easy hanging: Prevent the metal roof making machine from scratching during the movement.

06. Wheel: generally 45# steel, good hardness.

07. Travel switch: Limit the position or travel of the machine.

08. Rear hand knife: cut in advance to prevent waste.

09. Resin wheel: used to record the length of discharge and record data is more accurate.

10. Electric control cabinet: The main brands are Panasonic / Siemens / Schneider / Delta PLC.

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