The Difference Between Upvc Material And PVC Material

- May 13, 2019-

1, UPVC pipe is the meaning of hard fat polyvinyl chloride, good quality, suitable for industrial sewage, food grade ultra-pure water, reverse osmosis and other water treatment equipment, electroplating equipment, etc., a wide range of uses. PVC pipe is the meaning of polyvinyl chloride, generally poor quality, insufficient hardness, easy to age, etc., used for drain pipes.

2, U in UPVC, its original text is unplasticized, in the manufacture of PVC raw materials without adding plasticizer PVC raw materials called UPVC or PVCU. Without the addition of a plasticizer, the chlorine in the PVC raw material will all volatilize, and the PVC material added with the plasticizer will have a lot of residual chlorine which cannot be volatilized.

3, UPVC is based on the improvement of performance of PVC products, UPVC water pipes have no residual chlorine release, PVC water pipes will have residual chlorine release.

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