Toronto International Building Materials Exhibition

- Nov 04, 2020-

THE BUILDINGS SHOW was founded by Informa Canada International Exhibition Company in 1987, held in Toronto every year, and has been successfully held for 32 sessions. The Canadian Building Materials Exhibition is a leading and well-known exhibition in architectural design, construction engineering, and real estate engineering. It is also a large-scale and professional exhibition in the Canadian construction industry. It attracts a large number of professionals every year.

The organizer is strong: Informa Canada, the organizer of the Toronto Building and Building Materials Exhibition TBS in Canada, is a branch of Informa in Canada. It has more than 150 professional exhibitions, more than 800 professional employees, and a strong supplier and purchaser resource database in various industries. As one of the major exhibitions of Informa Canada, the exhibition is highly valued by Informa, and through uninterrupted efforts, the exhibition has developed and grown year by year.

The exhibition is highly professional: The BUILDINGS SHOW in Toronto, Canada is composed of five major exhibition areas: Worldof Concrete, Home Builder & Renovator Expo, Stonex, PM Expo, and Construct Canada, which respectively involve all aspects of the building materials industry and supply chain, providing exhibitors with a professional Exhibition platform. According to a survey of the Canadian Building Materials Exhibition, in 2017, more than 35,000 professional visitors participated in the exhibition, with more than 1,600 exhibitors from Canada, the United States and other countries. During the exhibition, more than 350 symposiums and seminars were held during the same period, during which more than 500 professionals participated.

The exhibition has a wide influence: TBS in Toronto, Canada is recommended by Canadian embassies in various countries due to its extensive international participation. The world's well-known building and building materials companies are present in every exhibition, and most of them have won It achieved a good exhibition effect and was unanimously recognized by all exhibitors. The Metro Toronto Convention Centre is also located in downtown Canada, next to the Toronto TV Tower. By participating in this exhibition, Chinese exhibitors can learn more about the building materials market in Canada and North America, seek more development opportunities, and promote their own development.

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