Treatment Method Of Pressure Wah Running Deviation

- Aug 24, 2018-

Crimping machine equipment in the production process will inevitably appear such or such a problem, the most common is the color steel plate deviation problem, once there is a run bias will affect the production efficiency of machinery and product pass rate, so we must know how to correct these mistakes, after a long period of research, groping, We have come up with a way to adjust this problem: If the equipment board runs to the right, it needs to be cushioned to the corner on the left, or the rollers on the right should be flattened, the number of axes will be flattened, the rollers above should be aligned with the rollers below, and if the above is flattened, the following should be flattened, The evenly symmetrical rollers cannot be changed. If not yet, first put the color steel press tile machine front, the back two rows of the equivalent Four corners from the large frame to adjust to the top of the axis of the high consistent position, and then from the first row to the last row, find a line straightening, check whether the lower axis on a horizontal line, the lower axis left and right sides of the level. Color steel tile Equipment first row and the last row to find a good symmetrical point, and then fasten the two sides of the lock mother, in the middle wheel of the center front, after pulling a straight line, the upper and lower axis of the gap adjustment, you can adjust the machine along the straight line. In fact, the remedial method of plate deviation is required for our long-term production and testing, different deviation direction has different remediation methods, but one thing to note is that whether it is mechanical rollers or other parts need to be aligned on both sides, only the alignment of both sides can remain symmetrical, the shape of the product production will be regular.