Turkmenistan Ashgabat International Building Materials Exhibition

- Jun 02, 2020-

The 11th Turkmenistan Building Materials Exhibition is a large-scale construction and building materials industry exhibition in the CIS region. The exhibition is jointly hosted by the Ministry of Construction of Turkmenistan, the Ministry of National Building Materials and the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and has been successfully held for 10 sessions.

Range of exhibition

1. Construction machinery and accessories: excavation machinery, bridge and tunnel construction machinery, compaction machinery, concrete machinery, lifting machinery, forklifts, port machinery and equipment, engine, hydraulic, transmission, testing equipment, GPS control system And software, brick making machinery, rock manufacturing machinery, etc.;

2. Underground construction and tunnel construction technology: foundation mechanism, pile structure, fastening mechanism, drainage and pumping, tunnel engineering communication, etc.;

3. Building materials and construction equipment: decoration tools, construction elevators, concrete and prestressed machinery, coatings, adhesives and chemicals, thermal insulation materials, scaffolding, glass curtain walls, curtain wall systems and components, glass products and processing Equipment, doors, windows and frame systems, external shading equipment, etc.;

4. Water pipes, water pumps and pipes: filters, various types of water pumps, water cleaning and metering equipment, wastewater treatment systems, water leakage/air leakage control;

5. Landscape architecture: indoor and outdoor swimming pools, saunas and SPA, decorative ceramics and artworks, fences, irrigation systems, garden tools, gazebos;

6. Interior decoration and furniture, safety and fire protection systems, climate control systems and equipment.