Unexpectedly, The Simple Mobile Home Can Be So Beautiful!

- Jun 18, 2019-

Galvanized color steel structure, this completely DIY building not only allows you to have land like beautiful wallpaper, it also provides a safe and economical place of residence, under the premise of building codes.

This steel cabin comes standard with: floor, curved beam, a ridge beam, R-13 rated exterior insulation (up to R-25 in extremely cold areas), solid oversized roof panels, shape neat.

Color steel activity room

The size of the cabin ranges from 4.3x3.7m to 9.8x7.3m. In addition, the merchant is fully custom designed for the specific size requirements of the user.

Faced with strong winds of 150 mph and the extreme weather of 30 pounds per square foot of snow, these huts do not fall apart like a negligible metal shed when the winter storm hits. Instead, they are designed with solidity and dexterity.